Saturday, 17 January 2015

Pakistan should be renamed as ‘pornistan’, says Aisha Sabeer

Top 10 Countries That Watch The Most Porn
January, 17th 2015
According to a research carried out by PornMD, six out of top 10 countries on the planet that watch the most porn are Muslim states. The data was delivered by Google on basis of the search queries that originated from various countries.
Here is a list of top 10 countries that stood above all in the race of watching porn online.
1. Pakistan
2. Egypt
3. Vietnam
4. Iran
5. Morocco
6. India
7. Saudi Arabia
8. Turkey
9. Philippines
10. Poland

Here are top ten porn related search queries that originated from Pakistan (official named as Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
top ten pron related search queries that originated from PakistanAmong the above listed countries, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are Muslim countries. Ironically, all of the listed Muslim states are known for their controversial internet censorship laws. For example, in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, you cannot access more than half a million adult websites. In many countries, Youtube remains banned in an effort to restrict its citizens from viewing anti-Islam and blasphemous content.

In her article “Do Muslims watch Pornography?“, Aisha Sabeer, explains in detail the search queries and their origins.
Even more disgusting were the statistics for various animal sex terms, where Pakistan once again led the field across most areas. A suggestion for them to rename their nation as Pornistan would not be out of the question, as they were the country that produced the most searches for sexual terms for the animals pigs, donkeys, dogs, cats, horses, cows, goats, snakes, monkeys, bears, elephants, and the generic term animal.
Saudi Arabia was the only country to generate more searches than Pornistan for an animal, coming in at position 1 for ‘fox sex’. They also finished second or third for a good number of the abovementioned animal terms. Other muslim countries to registertop 5 positions for those terms were, in order of prominence, Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco and the UAE.
Other interesting statistics were Turkey ranking number 2 for ‘child porn’, and arabic being the language used 2nd most for searches for ‘gay man’, ‘gay sex’, and ‘gay girl’. Egypt led the pack when it came to ‘fat sex’ and ‘bird sex’, Indonesia was first for ‘homo sex’, and Saudi Arabia up front, or should I say back, for ‘ass sex’. Pornistan also led the searches for the terms ‘children sex’, ‘sexy child’, ‘sexy children’, and ‘rape’.
The fact that muslim countries dominate the list for pornography searches is alarming in itself, but when you add in the data for the child, animal and homosexual sex searches, it paints quite a disgusting picture of the state of the islamic world. Statistically a large number of pornography seekers confess to having an addiction problem, which means that pornography addiction is currently a massive problem within our muslim ummah.

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Anonymous said...

This is totally fake propaganda with fake figures against Muslims.
May I ask?
What you say which country last year.. 40-50 international girls get raped?

How many porn sites are prepared by Muslims?

Let me know on those who doing sex/rape/ animal sex.. bala bala..??

Why only Muslims countries are listed.. rest all are saints or do not watch or do real sex?

Shameless act who is promoting that.