Friday, 30 January 2015

Resolution passed in JKIPA Conference

Resolution passed in JKIPA Conference

This conference on terrorism organised by Jammu Kashmir International People’s Alliance in Vienna on 30 January 2015 unanimously declares, that terrorism, religious intolerance and extremism are major threats to peace and fundamental human rights of people; therefore, terrorism, religious intolerance and extremism must be opposed by all governments, political and civil society organisations.

The Conference further declares that all civilised countries must take stringent action against those countries that use terrorism and extremism as a foreign policy weapon to advance their agenda; and we feel the government of Pakistan is among those governments which have deliberately and consistently supported terrorism and extremism that has resulted in death of tens of thousands of innocent people, especially in State of Jammu and Kashmir, this Conference requests the international community to apply pressure on Pakistan to stop its dubious policy of a good terrorist and a bad terrorist and let people of the Jammu and Kashmir and the region live in peace.

The Conference also strongly protests against Pakistani government for introducing Military Courts and Pakistan Protection Ordinance in areas of State of Jammu and Kashmir that do not legally belong to Pakistan. We fear that Pakistani law enforcing authorities will use the Pakistan Protection Ordinance and Military Courts against innocent people of Pakistani Occupied Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan who struggle for their fundamental human rights and peacefully oppose Pakistani designs in the region. END

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