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I seek Justice against Pakistani victimisation, Dr Shabir Choudhry

I seek Justice against Pakistani victimisation, Dr Shabir Choudhry
14 December 2015

Dear Sir/Madam

Just like India and China, Pakistan is also an occupier of territory belonging to former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir. I happened to live in an area that is occupied by Pakistan and is known as Azad Kashmir.

My colleagues and I have peacefully struggled for unification and independence of the State of Jammu and Kashmir since 1973; and I was only a teenager at that time. Never ever I have uttered any word against the State of Pakistan, or taken any part in any action that is against the Pakistani state; however I have every right to criticise and oppose policies of Pakistani governments that are related to my motherland – Jammu and Kashmir.

I am author of many books that have systematically exposed Pakistani policies on Jammu and Kashmir and have proved that Pakistan has imperialist designs on our territory. My books are banned and booksellers are ordered verbally not to store or sell any of my books; and failing to comply with these orders could result in sealing the shops and a fine of Rs 60,000. One publisher of my book and type setter is also facing various difficulties, including arrests and treason charges.

Also for the past two and half years I am anchoring a current affairs weekly TV programme to educate people on bitter facts on Jammu and Kashmir; and these programmes are also bitterly disliked and opposed by the Pakistani officials, especially those who are part of the Pakistani establishment.

Because of our systematic campaign to promote the Kashmir cause in proper perspective my colleagues and I have become victims of the Pakistani secret agencies who have made life very difficult for us.

They have refused to renew my National Identity Card, even though they know that under the State Subject Ordinance I am a first class citizen of Jammu and Kashmir; and no one can deny me a Kashmiri citizenship.

Furthermore, my rights are protected under the UNCIP Resolutions on Kashmir, by the UN Charter and even by the Pakistani laws. Despite that they have not honoured my application that was made on 12 June 2015. I have written two letters and have made numerous telephone calls. Of course they have not replied to any of my letters; perhaps in their professional training and ethos it is proper not to reply in writing.

My father died on 29 September 2015, and because of issues related to non issuance of the NIC, I could not travel to Azad Kashmir (of course via Pakistan) with the dead body of my father where he was put to rest in our native village.

In Pakistan and Azad Kashmir without a valid National Identity Card or a NADRA Card one can face enormous problems; and one could face imprisonment too. Without this ID card I and my family faced, and continue to face serious problems related to inheritance of my late father’s property and bank balance. Also I cannot sell or buy any land or even give someone a power of attorney. In short there are too many problems and I cannot list them all here.

And to rub salt in the wounds the Pakistani agencies and their foot soldiers have unleashed vicious and malicious propaganda against me to:
  • Defame me;
  • Alienate me from friends and family;
  • Hurt me financially; and
  • Pressurize me in hope that I will buckle under this hate campaign and family and friends pressure?

I know no individual can win against the might of the state and secret agencies; however, I will not surrender and will fight back. Victory is not everything. I will continue my fight for unification and independence of my motherland; and no matter what the outcome is I will fight against oppression, injustice and intimidation.

I have attached two letters written to Pakistani officials in London which give full details of my case; and I hope that you will help me to highlight my case and support me in my fight against injustice.

Tracking no for my application is: 503501064937; and my expired NIC no is: 811022-823762-1

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Dr Shabir Choudhry

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