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Kashmir National Party to observe 16 August as Independence Day -Tajdeed e Yom e Azadi

Kashmir National Party to observe 16 August as Independence Day -Tajdeed e Yom e Azadi 
17 August 2016

Kashmir National Party leaders Abbas Butt and Sarwar Hussain asserted that the State of Jammu and Kashmir gained its independence after the end of the British Raj on 15 August 1947. India gained independence on 15 August and state of Pakistan was born on 14th August; and they celebrate their Days accordingly.

In a defiant mood both leaders declared that we are a separate nation; and we also have a right to observe National Day of Jammu and Kashmir. If India and Pakistan observe their National Days on 14th and 15th August, we will observe our National Day on 16th August to give a clear message to India, Pakistan and the rest of the world that we are not legally part of any country.

In Speakers Corner TV debate in London, in a reply to Dr Shabir Choudhry’s question, Abbas Butt, Chair of KNP said people see us in the context of India and Pakistan and their policies; we want to send a clear message to all that we are not Pakistanis and we are not Indians because of religion or the Provisional Accession.

We gained our independence and concluded a Standstill Agreement with government of Pakistan, and were also negotiating a similar Agreement with India; but Pakistani sponsored tribal invasion of 22 October 1947, forced the Ruler of Jammu and Kashmir to seek help from India. This help was provided only after the Provisional Accession. The Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir did this to save life, liberty and property of his subjects.

In future KNP will not hold any demonstrations on 14th and 15th August and will extend congratulation messages to both neighbours; and observe our National Day as a ‘Tajdeed e Yom e Azadi’ on 16th August – and tell the people why we lost our independence and who the culprits were.

Both leaders expressed hope that people of Jammu and Kashmir who believe that Jammu and Kashmir was and is a separate political entity, will adhere to our call and observe 16 August as a ‘Tajdeed e Yom e Azadi’; which hopefully will lead us to unification and independence of the former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Issued by Dr Shabir Choudhry
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