Monday, 22 August 2016

Kashmir slipping away from India, grant it maximum freedom: Prem Shankar Jha

Kashmir slipping away from India, grant it maximum freedom: Prem Shankar Jha
A renowned columnist Prem Shankar Jha on Monday asked the New Delhi to rewind the clock back to 1947 to prevent Kashmir from spinning out of India’s control.
“Kashmir is in danger of spinning out of control. If Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not act, Kashmir will slip away from India. The best option available with India is to rewind the clock back to 1947 and by doing so, Kashmir will get freedom and at the same time the bond between India and Kashmir will not get disconnected,” suggested Jha.
“India must bring back Article 370 in its original shape that connects Kashmir with India through Defence, Communication, and Foreign Affairs.”
He charged the incumbent PDP-BJP government of being “clueless” about the current unrest in Kashmir.
“One fails to understand what this government will get by showering pellets and bullets on people. Government is clueless and it doesn’t know how to tackle the situation as a result common people suffer. The harassment faced by people on Kashmir roads indicates that government has no concrete policy to restore normalcy in Valley,” said Jha.
Jha, who was in Kashmir during last week, said there is a lot of anger among Kashmir against the State and the Government of India.
“People in Kashmir are very angry and they are in no mood to budge. The only solution and way out is to grant freedom to them within the framework of Indian constitution.”
“People in Kashmir are in pain and they have been suffering day in and day out. Being a democratic country, India must act and grant them freedom (within the ambit of Indian Constitution).”
Jha said that India can’t always blame Pakistan over the violence in Kashmir.
“We can’t blame Pakistan for everything but it is our responsibility to set our own house in order rather than raising a finger on our neighbor,” he said.   CNS 

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