Sunday, 15 January 2017

Resolutions passed in the Round Table Conference of Jammu and Kashmir Diaspora.

London            15 January 2017
The participants of this Conference belonging to different ethnic and religious backgrounds; and various parts of forcibly divided State of Jammu and Kashmir unanimously:
1.    Assert that the former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir is multi religious and multi ethnic state; and religion is a personal matter of citizens, nevertheless, State of Jammu and Kashmir belongs to all of us;

2.    Declare that the State of Jammu Kashmir is one political entity; and division of the State in any form or shape will not be accepted;

3.    Clarify that the Jammu and Kashmir dispute is not religious in nature; and any attempts to make it a religious dispute will further divide people of the State, and will embitter polity of Jammu and  Kashmir, and may lead to permanent division of the State;

4.    Express serious concern on growing extremism, violence and intolerance in various parts of the State; and urge the controlling authorities to ensure safety of all citizens of the State;

5.    Recommend that Jammu and Kashmir dispute should be resolved through a process of dialogue, and by adopting all peaceful means and in accordance with aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir State.  

6.    Remind the controlling authorities that it is their prime responsibility to ensure safety of all citizens; and that they are treated equally and no one is denied civil, political and social rights;

7.    Recognise that terrorism, extremism and hatred are alien to norms and traditions of our motherland; and these evil trends must be combated and rooted out by stiff action;

8.    Affirm our commitment to work as a team to protect and promote interests of Jammu and Kashmir State; and strengthen the role of the Jammu and Kashmir Diaspora in building cordial relationship among the various ethnic, social and religious communities;

9.    Emphasis that State Subject Ordinance gives identity and special status to all citizens of former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir; and this must not be violated or tampered in any form or shape;

10. Pronounce that we will advance the cause of unification of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, and organise meetings, seminars and social and cultural events to educate people and build bridges of friendship, tolerance, mutual respect and coexistence;

11. Demand that all Citizens of the State who hold State Subject Certificates should be allowed to freely interact with each other; and for this purpose some area along the LOC should be reserved where people can meet and socialise with their friends and relatives;

12. Request authorities in India and Pakistan to allow people of the divided State to visit religious places which will enhance tourism and will promote goodwill and better understanding among different communities;

13. Urge the government of India to take appropriate measures to rehabilitate all the people uprooted because of violence, terrorism and religious intolerance, especially the Pundits; and ensure safety of all the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir;

14. Condemn authorities in Pakistan for not renewing ID card of Dr Shabir Choudhry, a renowned author, TV anchor and political and human rights activist. Passport and ID card is a fundamental right of all citizens of Jammu and Kashmir, by denying this Pakistan is violating its obligations assumed under the UNCIP Resolutions and the UN Charter. This Conference is seriously concerned about this situation and demands that ID card of Dr Shabir Choudhry and his daughter, who is non political house wife must be issued. END

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