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JKLF – My response (1)

JKLF – My response (1)
Who benefits from this fight?

Now that the Eid is over and I feel bit better, I can start responding to the lies and half truths Mr Amanullah Khan has sent on the net. I may not be able to answer everything in one mail, and I will have to spread it over in to many mails. This means spending a lot of my valuable time and of course your time as well, especially those of you who are keen to find out more. This may be not desirable but it is necessary to put the records in order; of course you have option not to read it, but I feel I have no option but respond to it.

1. This fighting of JKLF is damaging the Movement and JKLF ideology, and that is precisely why I declared a unilateral cease – fire. Even before that I was conciliatory, in one post I said: So for the sake of ideology and the Movement we must stop fighting. If there are any differences or any misunderstandings we can directly communicate with each other, and seek clarifications.

In another post I said: If we cannot unite then let each group work independently, and we must stop calling each other traitor or agent. I hope that all pro -independent individuals and groups will respect this.
In another post I said:
I only explained the unfortunate story in brief to clarify the situation asmy name was mentioned, and believe that it is not in the interest of anyfaction of JKLF or in the interest of the Movement to start thesecontroversies. If people still want to go ahead with scoring politicalpoints against each other, that is for them to decide, but please leave meout. I don’t want to be part of this debate as I have better things to do,and I am sure other Kashnet readers have better things to do rather thanreading about our differences.

In a way still trying to help Mr Amanullah Khan get off the hook, I wrote:
All human beings make mistakes, and this includes Mr Amanullah Khan, Yasin Malik and others. As long as it is not 'intentional mistake' people will not bother too much. In the struggle for independence some times actions taken with full consultation and sincerity could prove to be wrong and there could be some victims as well.

One can see from the above that we did not want this fight and we wanted to scale it down as we knew it was not in the interest of the JKLF or the Movement. As the saying goes it takes two to fight, similarly it takes two to cease-fire as well. The cease –fire was not in the interest of Mr Amanullah Khan and his "mareeds", and when "Pir Sahib" realised that his "mareeds" are not doing well he decided to jump in himself.

If there was a cease-fire then there would have been no mention of his name- Amanullah Khan, and if that had happened then his system would have started to collapse. The Movement cannot afford that Mr Amanullah Khan’s system starts malfunctioning, so in the best interest of the Movement and JKLF he started this fight again. Apart from Mr Amanullah Khan there would be others who will enjoy this fight, but one can see the depth of his vision and leadership.

2. Phobia
Mr Amanullah Khan accuses other people of having phobia. The fact is that it is he who has the phobia. In 70% of his communications between 1992 (when he dissolved the JKLF, as usual, in the best interest of the Movement) and 1996 (when he was expelled from the JKLF by the Supreme Council on charges of working against the JKLF and the Movement. I can produce the original letter issued by the Supreme Council), he had to mention my name, of course in negative way. In one Central Committee meeting he was referring to me again and again, and he was criticised by someone that why have you got Shabir phobia. This meeting was not called to discuss him.

In his letters to his "mareeds" he said, do not speak to Shabir, DONOT socialise with him. And when he communicated to members of the European Community or members of the British Parliament, he wrote: please DONOT deal with Shabir as he is no longer JKLF man. Before the Brussells Kashmir Conference of October 1993, Mr Amanullah Khan wrote many letters to the organisers of the Conference, and phoned them with one request: Do not invite Shabir Choudhry to the Conference. (I can make some of the communication available to the people.) When he failed in his "Jihad" against me, he declared in the Conference that Shabir is the General Secretary of JKLF. One day I will give true side of his arrest in Brussells, as I was in the same car when he was "arrested".

His "mareed" who claims to be Head of JKLF Diplomatic Committee wrote to British MPs, Shabir Choudhry has been "Kicked out of JKLF", please do not speak to him. I can produce copies of these letters. This shows to what depths they can go to, and look at the diplomatic language, "kicked out". So one can see who has the phobia.

Before Mr Amanullah Khan decided to jump in the ring, I once wrote that ‘As a person Mr Amanullah Khan is a very good man, but as a leader his record is pretty poor.’ Mr Amanullah Khan wanted to prove me wrong that he is a ‘good man’, so he jumped in the ring without realising what damage it will do to the ideology of an independent Kashmir or to him personally. "National leaders" do not behave like this and come with bundle of lies, which can be proved wrong without too much effort.

3. The tapping story Mr Amanullah Khan has succeeded in creating confusion in ordinary readers, but he miserably failed to create any rifts between Raja Muzzaffar, and myself and that was his target. Many people have either phoned me or emailed me privately to find out about these so-called tapes as if this was a "Watergate Scandal". I produce only one such enquiry, the gentleman wrote:

Is it true that you taped Raja muzafar? Did Amanullah teach you this tactic?Why is raja muzafar not replying?
If this was true that I had tapped Raja Muzzafar, then why Mr Amanullah Khan has remained quiet all this time. He only decided to open his mouth when Raja Muzzafar has seen his true face, and has like many of us before him, rejected Mr Amanullah Khan and his policies on Kashmir.

4. Confession
As he normally does, Mr Amanullah Khan has taken things out of context, twisted them to give the story a bit of spice and sent it on the net. What actually happened I will explain that in the next mail, but before I leave I want to ask one question from Mr Amanullah Khan.
Is it true that you made a "confession" to a senior member of your team before you went to the operation theatre. This senior member asked you two specific questions related to the kidnapping and murder of the Indian diplomat, and the arrest of Mr Qayyum Raja.
Background for the Kashnet readers: While in prison Mr Amanullah Khan suffered from lung cancer. Lung cancer is even deadly now, but it was more so 15/16 years ago. It is generally believed that a person speaks the truth before he dies, or when he thinks he is going to die. JKLF senior man was asked to stay in the hospital to care for the Chairman, who at that time was believed to be on the "death bed". I am saying this from very reliable authority that Mr Amanullah Khan made a "confession" before going to the operation theatre. His only condition was that it must be made public after his death.

If the matter is left to rest until the death of Mr Amanullah Khan, then his "mareeds" would say why it was not made public while he was alive. The decision lies with Mr Amanullah Khan if he wants to make it public. That senior person will still honour his obligation!
Kashnet readers I will give you full story in the next mail.

To be continued

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