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JKLF – my response 2

JKLF – my response 2
Shabir Choudhry

Mahatare kidnapping

A lot has been said about this unfortunate incident since 1984. My feeling is that like the crash of C130 (in which General Ziaul Haq together with 22 generals died), we will never know the full details to cover all the aspects of it.

Of course I have some information on the topic as well and I would like to keep that to me for the time being because the files regarding the kidnapping and killing are not closed yet. For the sake of causing some embarrassment to Mr Amanullah Khan I cannot harm other people, so it is best that I keep quiet.

However, relying on the information already available to the people I want to ask him a question. In fact there were many questions asked and people wanted Mr Amanullah Khan to answer them, but he cleverly avoided that and instead diverted the attention else where. The following people were in some way associated with the Mahatare case:
Aslam Mirza
Azher Malik
Qayyum Raja
Sadique Bhatti
Riaz Malik
Mussarat Iqbal
Jhenghir Mirza
Zubbair Ansari
Majid Ansari

Of course Mr Amanullah Khan was also there in some form or shape. All the above people were very close to Mr Amanullah Khan before this incident. Some of them had fights with their relatives and families just because of Mr Amanullah Khan. In other words they were all staunch supporters of Mr Amanullah Khan.

The question here is what on earth he did wrong that all of these people who, before the Mahatare kidnapping, were ready to sacrifice their lives and leave their families for Mr Amanullah Khan, all of sudden turned against him afterwards?

All of these people left Mr Amanullah Khan, and feelings of some of them were so strong that they were prepared to kill him on his visit to Kotli in Azad Kashmir. With great difficulty they were persuaded not to do it because it was not in the best interest of the JKLF and the Movement.

Can Mr Amanullah Khan or any of his “mareeds” respond to this. We don’t want any distraction and counter allegations. I have not spilled the beans, at least yet, but I would like Mr Amanullah Khan to respond to this why they all have left you. Your normal response on these occasions is that so and so has become agent of ISI or RAW. Have you got moral courage to come out and answer this? Could you also label them? I know you once said that some of them have become Communists and that is because they have turned against you. Your “mareeds” will accept this, but no one else is going to buy it.

Some people may be surprised that Mr Amanullah Khan has made allegations against Mr Yasin Malik, Chairman of JKLF. Whereas Mr Yasin Malik is human being and like other human beings can make mistakes, he would not be the last person to be accused by Mr Amanullah Khan. This is the difference between us and "mareeds" of Mr Amanullah Khan, we believe every human being can make mistake and that applies to our Chairman Mr Yasin Malik as well. But "mareeds" say Mr Amanullah Khan is "our political father" and is infallible – a person who cannot make any mistake.

Mr Amanullah Khan has history of labelling his colleagues, party members and former party members as agents of either India or Pakistan. Where he feels this label may not stick he will very conveniently accuse them of being "Communists, Islamic Fundamentalists" or at times accuse them of being of a particular tribe, Biradri or region. Some times he may accuse people because they are threat to his throne.
We deliberately chose to ignore his accusations regarding Mr Yasin Malik. Here are two men, and their roles and actions can be identified form the following:
· One is suffering in prison because of his political and ideological commitment (we all know that he had open-heart surgery and also he suffers from many other health problems, yet he is determined to continue his struggle).
· The other is sitting comfortably in Chandni Chowke of Rawalpindi, known to be a red light area, and making wild accusations against the man whose actions and suffering speak for him.

As he has nothing better to do he wants to keep himself busy by writing controversial things. He knows there will be response and that will keep him in the news. He believes in the theory that "Ager Badnaam hoongey to naam na hoga. In other words bad publicity is also good as it will make him famous or infamous depending on how you take it.
We feel there is no need for us to defend our Chairman, as his sacrifices for the independence struggle are enough to defend him.

Mr Amanullah Khan has been successful in two things:

· He ensured that the nationalists of Kashmir DONOT get united
· That no one can take the Chairmanship away from him
His golden rule is when ever there is threat to the Chairman ship break the party.
When the Movement was at its peak, the nationalists (many organisations) of Kashmir had a meeting with Mr Amanullah Khan and said that at this crucial time we need to get together, otherwise we may lose out. They were sincere in their endeavour. They knew the mentality of the man, so they voluntarily said that we accept you as a Chairman, and let us pool our resources that we can work effectively.

Mr Amanullah Khan said to them, let me think it over. He knew that people coming from other parties have vision and political maturity, and they would not act like "mareeds, so afterwards he said to these nationalists, there is no guarantee that you will keep your promise and let me work the way I want. His fear was that they might get together and overthrow him.
Can Mr Amanullah Khan or any of his "mareeds" respond to this????

If "mareeds" or the "Pir Sahib" wish I can send full details of these meetings?

It looks that “Pir Sahib” and “Mareeds” have given in. I suppose they had no choice, as they could not have answered any of the questions I asked. In the view of this I am not going to go into more details as I originally intended, and will only give brief details about ISI role and “tapping” business.

To be continued

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