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IMRAN KHAN- A Messiah or A Devil’s Advocate? Mohammad Haque CA

IMRAN KHAN- A Messiah or A Devil’s Advocate? Mohammad Haque CA

Notwithstanding his rudderless wanderings in the wilderness of Pakistani politics for several years, there is no denying the fact that Imran Khan became a formidable force during 2012-2013 due to some systemic and circumstantial reasons. The sudden influx of a mix of opportunists and egoist politicians into his party satisfied PTI’s existential need for so called Grade ‘A’ leaders that party was seriously deficient of, though it involved unprecedented demagoguery and characteristic capriciousness on part of Imran Khan and his coteries. Despite all such political vagaries committed by the self-proclaimed prophet of righteousness of Pakistani politics, I have been tensely struggling to grapple with the TIMING of his recent tirades against democratically elected government of PMLN under the misconceived and mistimed nomenclature of “Azadi March”, on the very day that is supposed to be uncontroversial and symbolic of national solidarity and integrity instead of an optimal moment of vociferous projection of embedded socio-political conflicts by disregarding any political norm or ethic whatsoever. Therefore, I would like to ask the following questions from Imran Khan and his frontline team of angelic pundits of ‘Insaf’:

1. Imran Khan and his companions-of-necessity have claimed that his “Azadi March” is aimed at dislodging the Nawaz Sharif government because it came to power as a result of allegedly rigged elections. If his struggle is against the election fraud and to seek transparent elections – and not exclusively for settling a score with and due to personal vendetta against Nawaz Sharif – then why he didn’t protest against the most brutal dictator of Pakistan’s political annals General Musharraf’s elections of 2002 which would go down as one of the most fraudulent and engineered elections in the country’s history. As a result of those elections, his hand-crafted Quaid League miraculously won super majority under the leadership of Shujaat/Pervez, the most opportunist politicians of Pakistan. Almost all PTI candidates everywhere in Pakistan lost their security deposits; even Imran Khan could not give a reasonable fight to his opposing PMLN candidate in Lahore. However, Imran Khan never uttered a single word against those elections because he was gifted a seat in the National Assembly by the “power-that-be” in order to satisfy his long cherished ambition of getting into the National Assembly.

2. No one can deny the fact that Pakistan is going through its most critical phase due to plethora of domestic, global, and strategic circumstances when its very existence is at stake. Hope of every single Pakistani has vanquished and individual as well as collective morale of the nation is touching the abysmal ebb that has never been experienced before. Every single segment of society is facing the unprecedented brunt of price hike, astronomical corruption, ethical deterioration, political radicalism, religious fanaticism, domestic as well we global terrorism, heightened linguistic, cultural and racial nationalism, existential vulnerabilities, institutional collapse, intensified constitutional and political instability, and above all, deep infiltration of foreign intelligence agencies that are hell bent to destroy the geological and ideological basis of the very country that Imran Khan claims to be saving. So, why Imran Khan has picked this critical juncture to create chaos in every fissure of the state?

3. The prevalent social, political and moral deterioration of Pakistani society has been in the making since its very inception, and it certainly is not the making of Nawaz Sharif or his party. The much needed evolution of national institutions was undermined at the very beginning and was pioneered by the first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan in a tacit power struggle between Mr. Jinnah and himself. Subsequent destruction of national institutions at the hands of respective Military dictators has brought the nation building efforts to the point of utter chaos. Every conscious and sensible person has no two opinions about the sublime reality that General Musharraf’s regime was the most brutal and barbaric and he had no respect for any institution of the country. But it’s part of the record that Imran Khan welcomed Musharraf’s take over in 1999 and wholeheartedly supported his deceptive referendum of 2002. He didn’t organize any Azadi March during Zardari regime when everyone in the world categorically knew the corrupt credentials of Zardari and his scandalous ministers. Why has he decided to target only Nawaz Sharif holding him exclusively responsible for all the evils? What is he going to achieve by targeting only Nawaz Sharif since his pseudo efforts don’t appear to be resulting in uniting the Pakistani nation?

4. Pakistan has been the victim of brutal and barbaric terrorism practised by religious and nationalist radicals, and operatives of numerous foreign intelligence agencies. Such cannibalistic perpetrators so far have been extremely successful in creating and widening the gap between warring segments of socio-politico-religious spectrum. Religious radicals have been ruthlessly trying to impose their dogmatic writ on the society and have no mercy for any breathing soul on the face of earth. After sincerely attempting to have a negotiated settlement with the radicals – which Imran Khan always proposed on every forum for several years – Pakistan Army is successfully trying to eliminate the terrorists from their hideouts. At this critical juncture when the country’s solidarity is at stake more than ever, every Pakistani needs to act in unison showing complete solidarity with the national government and Pakistan Army. Any kind of chaos or instability will have catastrophic effect on the very existence of the country if political pundits would not come to senses at this historical juncture. Why Imran Khan has picked this critical time to create chaos and instability? What kind of objectives he is trying to achieve by doing so?

5. Democracy is very fragile in Pakistan after a tedious rule of senseless regime of Musharraf and his boot-lickers. Though not a single Pakistani foresaw that Benazir Bhutto would be assassinated and Zardari would become the master of their fate with the connivance of Musharraf, Zardari remained the ultimate leader of the country for 5 years against all odds. Why Imran Khan did not organize such Azadi March against Zardari era? What stopped him from doing so?

6. It has been just more than a year since the last elections. No politician anywhere in the world has ever been able to divert the country’s trends from abysmal path of destruction to a positive course within one year of his rule. And Nawaz Sharif is not an exception in this regard. According to all international and domestic poll observers, the May 2013 elections were generally fair and transparent. There might be some interference in selective constituencies but not to the scale that were perpetrated by Musharraf in his referendum and 2002 elections when Imran Khan’s constituency was very much part of it. Why Imran Khan has decided after wait of one year to have this Azadi March against Nawaz Sharif in collaboration with the most stigmatized politicians and a satanic mullah?

7. Predominant majority of politicians that Imran Khan has allied with have extremely bad reputation in the civil society, and are perceived as symbols of political bankruptcy, utter disregard of constitutional norms, no conception of national institutions, and are well established prophets of the doom and darkness. Even some of them have brutal disregard for social, ethical and religious norms. Such line up of notoriously immoral characters include the whited sepulchre of below-the-belt-bliss Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Khar, goon of Pakistani politics and common-law-partner of every inhabitant of red light areas across Pakistan Mr. Shaikh Rasheed, scion of unholy mixture of Zia era pseudo-aristocrats cum industrialists cum beneficiaries with white skin and khaki-clad high-up relatives Mr. Jahangir Tareen, the epitome of arrogance and wrongful blood of great constitutionalist Barrister Mahmood Ali Qasuri and Musharraf’s face on international forum for 5 years Mr. Khurshid Mahmood Qasuri, the soft spoken cheeky idol in several venerable saints’ mausoleums and a Zardari reject Mr. Shah Mahood Qureshi, Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq of Pakistani politics and godfathers of conventional wisdom Mohtram Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and his protégé the invincible bootlicker Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, the imam of living satans and stigma on the name of real Islam the self-proclaimed Shaikh ul Islam and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of our time Hazrat Tahirul Qadri, and the list goes on. Would Imran Khan care to explain that what kind of justice, integrity and honesty he is trying to bring with the conglomerate of such rotten people?

8. USA, European, Zionist, Indian, and Afghan intelligence agencies have always considered Nawaz Sharif as someone who represents right wing spectrum of Pakistani politics and has strong ties with religious groups of various nomenclatures. His overwhelming tilt towards China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey is being conceived by USA and its allies as a serious policy trend in the region with serious implications for American and its allies’ interests. Even 10 years after leaving White House, Bill Clinton would not mince a word to express his hatred towards Nawaz Sharif for the stated reasons. The global forces cannot let Nawaz Sharif materialize such anti-America economic alliances in the region, and for them 5 years period is too long to wait until next elections in Pakistan. Any kind of derailment of political process in Pakistan, either constitutional or extra-constitutional, would undeniably push Pakistan towards unstoppable civil and political hostilities thus irreversibly destabilising the country. Why Imran Khan has selected this crucial timing to arrange the Azadi March against the national government despite knowing the visible reality that it would jam the state machinery and would render the very solidarity of the country seriously vulnerable to enemy operatives?

9. In recent years, the historically cordial relationship between Saudi Arabia and USA has been on a rapid downward spiral due to several factors. There is no denying the fact that though tacitly, Saudis have always been major players in Pakistan’s political setup and have been helping in the country's energy needs. Due to their newly developed distrust towards USA and European powers, Saudis have started looking towards Pakistan for their defence needs as Pakistan used to provide during King Faisal’s period. Pakistan is already in the process of deploying one division of Army on Saudi borders. This relationship could become a significant stability factor in Pakistan’s turmoil for numerous reasons, and can enormously benefit Pakistan especially when Saudi Arabia has become the country with largest spending on Military hardware in the world. This strategic alliance is still in the making and is loathed up to the hilt by USA and Zionist Lobbies around the world. CIA, Mossad, RAW, and Khad are hell bent to destroy such strategic relationship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Why Imran Khan has picked this moment to create an internal security chaos when even a blind person with an iota of loyalty with Pakistan would never ever do such thing? Is he harping on the strings of enemy intelligence agencies or being orchestrated by some internal anti-state force?

10. Musharraf also happens to be on record saying that he wanted to nurture Imran Khan as a prospective leader of the country under his wings but Imran Khan proved himself to be a foolish person. Now his political Guru who gifted him a National Assembly seat in 2002 general elections is in trouble and wants to escape the circumstances at any cost. Army may also be annoyed with Nawaz Sharif for questioning a khaki uniform – how-dare-these-civilian-minions – and might have pulled some strings since the pundits have always known that Imran Khan was being ‘handled’ by the GHQ. Most of the Musharraf’s longest serving ministers are the front line cronies of Imran Khan, and have been making the policies and running the party apparatus – Jahangir Tareen is PTI’s General Secretary! Why Imran Khan has selected this moment in the history of Pakistan to arrange this uncalled for hullabaloo? Is he trying to save his political guru or it’s an ‘institutional’ sponsorship?

11. Why he picked 14th August, which is supposed to be the day to show solidarity, unity and integrity to the rest of the world and prove that despite all the differences Pakistanis are united when it comes to cherishing their freedom? Why he chose to become the most divisive voice in the prevalent political landscape, and has turned the national Independence Day into a day of conflict and sharp division across the political spectrum of Pakistan?

12. Didn’t he know that the chaos created by his belligerence and demagoguery would result in unbearable pandemonium in stock markets and will cause astronomical losses to the national economy but it wouldn’t personally do any harm whatsoever to the people he is trying to target? So, is he trying to internally destroy Pakistan so India or other stronger countries could have more and more influence on Pakistan? Does any saner Pakistani see any other outcome of these protests?

13. History reveals that a serious law and order situation has always been intentionally created in Pakistan by certain hidden (and not so hidden) powers whenever a serious effort is made to find an amicable settlement of the lingering issues between India and Pakistan. CIA funded and supported ZA Bhutto’s aggressive movement against Ayub Khan when he signed a peace agreement with Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri of India in Teshkent that was mediated by the USSR; something that America didn’t like. Kargil adventure was played by General Musharraf when Atal Bihari Vajpai visited Pakistan by bus and expressed India’s willingness to settle territorial issues based on give and take; a flexibility first time ever shown by any Indian leader. Even a radical Hindu leader like L.K. Advani started openly saying that “Pakistan ko kuch dey kur he jaan churwani parey gi”. History has taught us that whenever there is a political change in India, that time is always very vulnerable for Pakistan from security point of view. Why Imran Khan has picked this vulnerable time to create an internal chaos and instability in the country?

14. Javed Hashmi was the most prestigious and credible politician that Imran Khan always wanted to recruit to enhance PTI’s political stature. Javed Hashmi was so dear to Imran Khan’s heart that eventually when he agreed to join the party, Imran Khan immediately appointed him the party Chairman – it appeared that PTI had recruited an experienced politician to fill the newly minted post of party Chairman! But when that person of character checkmated Imran Khan on his dangerous path and its destructive impact on the country’s interests then Imran Khan realized that Javed Hashmi would not hesitate to tell rest of the world about the nefarious designs of Imran Khan, hence he literally pushed his former demi god out of the party. And very next moment Javed Hashmi became the worst hypocrite and liar in the political landscape of Pakistan! Can Imran Khan explain that why he preferred Shaikh Rasheed over Javed Hashmi? (Well, the explanation that he has already given clearly seems to be ridiculous and utter non-sense). So, character and integrity don’t mean anything to Imran Khan anymore because one doesn’t need to say anything about Shaikh Rasheed’s character – from the democratic point of view, he himself has always claimed that he is a GHQ’s man!

15. He is the most foolish and desperate politician that Pakistan has ever seen after Air Marshal Asghar Khan – all talk, no brain! There was a time when Asghar Khan was considered the sole alternative to replace Zulfiqar Ali Butto. Once his party Tehreeq-e-Istiqlal became the most powerful party in Pakistan after PPP and some very powerful politicians joined him after quitting PPP and other parties. The self-proclaimed prophet of ‘democracy’ and a diehard of Asif Zardari Cult Mr. Aitezaz Ahsan also left PPP and joined Asghar Khan’s party. Asghar Khan became so arrogant that he started behaving like the real Prime Minister after Z.A. Butto’s fall. He changed his cotton kurta shalwar to expensive suites and started traveling regional capitals discussing strategic alliances with respective rulers e.g. he went to Tehran to have a meeting with Shah of Iran and behaved there like a ring master of Pakistani circus. Then he himself destroyed his own party like an egghead by insulting frontline party leaders and kicking them out if anyone would differ. Print journalism is replete with the analysis that Asghar Khan was a kind of person who would build something with zeal and passion, and then would destroy it with even more zeal and passion. Then the time came when Tehreek-e-Istiqlal kicked its own president from the party. Imran Khan seems to be an exact replica of Asghar Khan. He is arrogant, desperate, shallow, intellectually deficient, and brews vengeance. He is doing certain things that are bound to have ONLY ONE consequence i.e. his political demise due to public annoyance towards his behaviour. Whatever he says, doesn’t add up - even a blind observer can tell that he is pushing the country towards anarchy and civil war. Would Imran Khan mention a single reason that has made him so tenacious to create an obnoxious roadblock in the democratic process?

16. Who in the world has given him the most foolish idea that he is a bigger politician than Nawaz Sharif? One may hate Nawaz Sharif but his leadership credentials are much higher than IK – even Benazir had to swallow the harsh reality that NS had a committed and loyal following. Just imagine, if PMLN workers simultaneously come out on streets then there obviously will be a civil war, and that’s exactly what Imran Khan is doing. But the question is, on whose behest?

17. India has recently installed a new Army Chief who has shown enhanced belligerence towards Pakistan, and has expressed intentions to deploy more troops on Pakistani borders. The new radical Indian Prime Minister Modi has clearly expressed his desire to repeal Article 370 of the Indian Constitution that gives special status to Kashmir within India. BJP/Modi government has already started the constitutional amendment process by initiating a debate in this regard - here is the title of latest news that was published on 19th August 2014 by several media outlets, “BJP executes Narendra Modi's idea; initiates Article 370 debate, DNA”. Just think for fraction of a second, when radical nationalist government in India is hell-bent to eliminate the only loose thread that is blocking Kashmir’s integration with India, why at this juncture Imran Khan is trying to divert everyone’s attention from the most daring step of any government that has ever been in New Delhi since 1947?

18. There has always been a sharp division and wedge of hatred amongst political, religious, nationalist and racial groups in the country, and that enmity has intensely sharpened in last few years. This conflict has gone beyond the limits of morality and decency, and is a major factor in intensifying the political ruggedness and rigidity in Pakistani society. The hatred and intolerability of each other in the society has become so personalized that national interests and national solidarity are no longer even the remotest considerations. Resultantly, the outcries of rival politicians have become more of battle cries filled with utmost vengeance that’s personal in nature than national. That exactly what Imran Khan is doing, and even a casual look at the cavalcade that he has gathered to take personalized revenge from Nawaz Sharif will prove the harsh reality of him being a demagogue instead of a politician with a program of sincere change. By using filthy language and portraying PMLN as the devil’s party, he is acting like a fostered protégé of General Musharraf who destroyed every fissure of the social contract in the country (if there was ever any). What kind of revolution Imran Khan is trying to bring when everything he is doing and every word he is uttering and every person he is aligning with portrays an abstract of utter chaos and animosity?

19. ALL the people who have joined PTI in last couple of years have been spoon fed by his mentor and ruthless dictator, who cannot live without daily bottle of whisky and a dog’s lick, General Musharraf. Jehangir Tareen remained Food and Agriculture minister in Musharraf regime; Shah Mahmood Qureshi was Zardari’s buddy and loyally served him as foreign minister until his bum was kicked by his local rival Yousaf Raza Gillani; Dr. Sher Afgan was the ultimate dog of Musharraf but Imran Khan gave National Assembly ticket to his son by bypassing Ikramullah Niazi, IK’s cousin; Chaudhry Ghulam Sarwar was first a PPP guy and then remained very loyal to Musharraf; Imran Khan used to say openly on TV that he would pray that Allah SWT may never make him a politician similar to Sheikh Rasheed, and the list goes on and on and on. On what moral and ethical grounds he is claiming that he would bring revolution and justice in the country when his companions are the real culprits?

20. He has uttered the idea of starting a Civil Disobedience Movement – a word from Gandhi Bible! Does it mean that he is a Ghandi follower, because Jinnah never ever uttered such words during the whole Pakistan Movement? What an intellectually shallow buffoon! Civil Obedience means no payment of taxes and non-compliance with prevalent system of the state – a constitutional obligation of every Pakistani. Not paying taxes to whom, to Pakistan? Because tax is not given to Nawaz Sharif, rather it’s paid to state for its everyday operations? Corruption is not the responsibility of only Nawaz Sharif; rather corruption has been rampant since the inception of Pakistan. Just have a look; PTI’s General Secretary and the most propagated Mr. Clean, Jahangir Tareen, is one of the biggest tax evaders in Pakistan and someone who has been nurtured with Afghan war’s drug money – he happens to be the son in law of General Akhtar Abdul-Rehman and brother in law of Humayun Akhtar Khan! In the annals of political struggle, Civil Disobedience has only happened against a foreign occupation or a colonial power, and never against the government of one’s own country. If Imran Khan has expressed his intentions of starting a Civil Disobedience Movement, it can only happen against the constitution of Pakistan and would be tantamount to treason. What kind of stupid person he is? He wants to destroy all the institutions just because he has personal score to settle with Nawaz Sharif. ALL the people around him have personal grudge and anger against NS….Sheikh Rasheed, Khursheed Qasuri, Asif Ahmad Ali, Jahangir Tareen, etc. There is no denying the fact that he has become a prisoner of his own mentality and has become a puppet in the hands of some anti-state string pullers. Why Imran Khan has conceded to such forces of chaos and status quo and where are the people who remained with him over the years when he could not win even a municipal councillor’s elections? Why such committed people have been pushed back, and persons like Sheikh Rasheed are close to him. WOW….what a character!

21. Islamic world is going through an extremely painful and oppressive period in history. Europe, America, India, Russia, and Zionists are unflinchingly united in the cause of destroying and destabilizing all the Islamic countries, especially those countries that have military potential and are conscious protectors of their Islamic identity. The so called Arab Spring, subsequent phase of an uneasy calm, and then the engineered reverse Arab Spring have created an utter chaos in the region, seriously weakened the countries, and intensified the internal socio-politico-religious conflicts. Inhumane and cannibalistic brutalities of Israel in Gaza have overshadowed the memories of Nero, Chenghiz Khan, and Pol Pot. Innocent people are being butchered and decapitated in Syria for the last three years, Afghanistan has been turned into a fuming pile of blood and bones, starvation ridden people are being mulched to death in several African countries just for being Muslims, Libyan people have been embroiled into a never-ending tribal war, brutal regime has been installed in Egypt by engineering the removal of popularly elected government and people are being slaughtered simply for being Muslims, and the list goes on. Imran Khan picked this moment to create an internal chaos in the name of Azadi March when international media was not giving any news coverage to the unprecedented brutalities perpetrated by Israel on the people of Gaza. Innocent babies and little children were being barbarically bullet-holed in their mother’s laps and the episode had all the hallmarks of a pre-planned genocide. In that situation when global media had purposely blacked out the reporting of Israeli genocide, Pakistani media was bound to report on such atrocities and become a voice of such atrocities. But Imran Khan picked this time in connivance with known foreign agent Tahir ul Qadri to create internal chaos and crisis so the national media would be left with no choice but to make the coverage of domestic crisis its top priority by suppressing the reporting of Israeli atrocities in Gaza. Why he has played second fiddle to Zionist and CIA strategists by not letting the Pakistani media report on the Gaza war lest the brutalities might seriously infuriate and irreversibly anger more than 1.5 billion Muslims around the world against Israel?

22. Why he named the so called protest as “Azadi March” when it was supposed to be the undisputed day of freedom for every Pakistani, irrespective of political or regional loyalties? It only shows that he has no respect for historical conventions that still have the potential of uniting the nation by overcoming political differences. But Imran Khan has chosen to undermine the significance of the ONLY national day that Pakistan has been left with, and he has successfully dominated the media to highlight his divisive and belligerent politics instead of conveying the message of national unity and solidarity on this august national day? 

Imran Khan’s political course has been very worrisome for every concerned Pakistani and, despite trying very hard to seek any sort of justification for his acts, being a common Pakistani I am extremely concerned about the tendencies of disrespect and conflict that he has been able to seed in the significant segment of Pakistani youth. I do believe that every Pakistani rightfully deserves well-reasoned answers from Imran Khan to the above stated questions and concerns. GODSPEED PAKISTAN!


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