Thursday, 2 October 2014

Punjabi Lecturers and ISI man abused Kashmiri student girls in Muzaffarabad

London         02 October 2014
It is sad to note that our Kashmiri daughters and sisters are systematically abused by Pakistani secret agency officials and Punjabi teaching staff in Muzaffarabad.

According to details provided by Ifzal Suleria, President of Kashmir National Party, Pakistani Administered Kashmir, Professor Majeed Niazi from Pakistani Punjab and three other Lecturers from the same region are involved in the scandal. They deliberately target innocent female students and award them low marks that they could be manipulated and blackmailed to fulfil their satanic desires.

This matter was brought to the attention of the University officials by a famous NSF leader Kamran Baig last year; but the University officials decided to take no action against the culprits because of pressure from some quarters.

People belonging to the secret agency of Pakistan are also involved in abusing and harassing female Kashmiri girls. Wasim Malik, Chairman of Kashmir Students Federation told me that these Punjabi Professors deliberately give poor marks to the Kashmiri girls, and then their details are passed on to the Secret agencies who promise them to help them to get higher marks and a scholarship. By this method they trap innocent girls who are systematically abused by these evil men.

Wasim Malik said, this time the girl in question was asked by the ISI man to meet her that he could get her marks increased and get her a scholarship. The girl was innocent, but she belonged to a decent family, and after discussing it with other students she invited the ISI man in the university where he was caught by students and beaten up.

Student leaders like Zubair Mir, Tahir Mir, Farooq Ahmed and others, after beating the culprit, took away his mobile phone and presented him to SSP Irfan Masood Kashfi. To surprise of these student leaders, SSP Irfan Masood did not take any action against the culprit even though evidence was there in the form of his messages to the girl from his mobile. SSP was very polite and subservient to the accused man and was very harsh with the students.

Later on SSP Irfan Masood got Deputy Commissioner Masood Rehman involved in this matter. Masood Rehman is a former JKLF man, but after getting his job he is more loyal to Islamabad than the Pakistanis; and makes every effort to harass and intimidate Kashmiri nationalists. After some consultations they honourably let the ISI man go. However, they warned the student leaders to behave themselves otherwise they will have to pay a big price.

KNP leader, Ifzal Suleria strongly condemned this action of the ISI man, and the subservient Kashmir officials; and demanded that the culprits must be punished and all the Pakistani criminals who are employed here or stationed here to intimidate local people must be sent back to Pakistan.

Abbas Butt Chairman of the KNP and Dr Shabir Choudhry also condemned this shameful act, demanded that the culprits must be apprehended and punished. They said we want all the Lent Officers and other Pakistanis who are employed here or stationed here to be sent back to Pakistan. We don’t want their services, as honour and dignity of our girls is more important to us. They said people of Azad Kashmir must realise that they are not azad in any sense of the word. They are occupied by Islamabad and they treat us like an occupied territory.



Issued by Dr Shabir Choudhry

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