Saturday, 25 October 2014

London million march is a proxy activity of pro Pakistani leaders, Javed Inayat

London million march is a proxy activity of pro Pakistani leaders, Javed Inayat
Leaders of Pakistani occupied Kashmir (POK) region will go extra miles by offering their services to Pakistani state establishment against Indian state. Politicians of POK region have to prove some time by pitting against each other who is more loyal to Pakistani state establishment. Pro Pakistani politicians have to behave like obedience slaves by ridiculing themselves in front of their masses.

London march has been arranged by a leader of ruling Pakistan peoples party branch of POK region, Chaudry Sultan Mehmood. The very same party and its leaders have neither been demanded basic rights for their own people who they claim to represent nor independence for the region they belong to.

These leaders have been demanding independence for Indian occupied Kashmir valley, even though, POK region has been practically ruled by an army major from Pakistan. Is it not ridiculous for a politician who himself have been dictated by low ranking army officers while so called PM of POK region once and claiming to liberate Kashmir valley from Indian clutches.

Our so called political leaders have lost their minds and making fun of our local population by liberating other side of Kashmir while living here on this funny region is being called '' AZAD KASHMIR'' or free Kashmir which is everything but not free. I would like to suggest that these politicians must stop ridiculing 4.5 million population of POK region which has been given only two choices starve to death or leave the region by their Islamabad based masters.

POK leaders have badly failed defend basic citizenship rights of local population of the region. Their own citizens pay bribery to Punjabi lent officers to get peon's job on their own soil. Instead of becoming proxies of Pakistani army establishment against India state they should have been taking steps to defend rights of local population. If they want independence of JK people charity always begins from home, liberate this region first from Pakistani illegal occupation before conquering Srinagar. This kind of futile exercise neither benefits Kashmir valley nor damages Indian occupation but does ridicule these leaders.

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