Saturday, 14 April 2012

Confined to bed again

Confined to bed again 14 April 2012
At 10.30am

Dear Abbas Butt sahib aslam o alaeykam, you know I am heart patient in my late 50s; and I should have taken care of my health. Instead, I worked long hours- working up to 15 hours a day, result of long hours of work and long travels for meetings is that I had severe angina attack last night.

Now strict medical and family advice is stay in bed for soma days. That means I won’t be bale to attend any of the meetings arranged for today. My suggestion is you go ahead with the 4pm meeting and 7pm meeting as scheduled. No matter what, we have to continue our mission and jihad against those who occupy us; and all the collaborators and agents of tribalism, extremism and hatred.

I rather go down fighting, and I know you also share this sentiment, rather than surrendering to thugs and to those who are surviving on the blood and miseries of our people of Jammu and Kashmir.

All the best with 4 meetings today, and continue your valuable struggle. Allah swt will help you. Whatever decision you take in the 4pm and 7pm meetings, I will go along with that; however if you feel like I can speak to your guest who is meeting you at 4pm.

Perhaps you can ask KNP President, Sarwar Hussain to travel by train.

Allah hafiz

Dr Shabir Choudhry

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