Friday, 6 April 2012

From Mohammed Asim

From Mohammed Asim
‎3 questions from chief organiser of KNP to masoom ansari saab:

1. masoom ansari saab, when u resign from KNP membership on 23/02/2012, did u send ur resignation to zonal president or chairman of KNP?
In my knowledge u sent ur resignation to chairman of KNP bcz u know that the zonal president does not have the authority to accept ur resignation.
Surely, if the zonal president does not have authority to accept ur resignation then also he wouldnt have the authority to dismiss members of the central committee!

2. In ur resignation u said that u want to resign bcz u think its time to unite for the bigger cause of independence, however recently u said that shabir chaudhry's actions have caused u to resign. The allegations ur making now against shabir chaudhry are new to our ears, none of these have been raised before at any central committee meeting in his presence, so on what basis are u making allegations now?

3. Lastly, i know u are a muslim so can u put ur hand on Quran and say that on 28/03/2012 u didnt call chairman of KNP with the proposal to join hands with JKLF. and could u say with honesty that u didnt tell chairman that yaseen malik is a double agent between india and pakistan? and when chairman asked u why we should join hands with them if u saying this, could u swear that u didnt say we should join with them in order to stop yaseen malik from his double agency, and chairman said this was a good joke?

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