Sunday, 22 April 2012

From Mohammed Asim, Chief Organiser Kashmir National Party

From Mohammed Asim, Chief Organiser Kashmir National Party I don’t want to be involved on the Facebook quarrels, as we will not be able to liberateKASHMIRby arguing each other on the Facebook. If we are sincere with cause of KASHMIR, instead of blaming each other and taking the MICK and making a MOCKERY of each other. We should convince the people of India and Pakistan to make there government understand, rather then spending all large junk of their budget on Defence to keep up against each other, should be spend on the basic need of general Public. Aslam Mirza comments on Liberation Of Balawaristan Jammu Kashmir Ladakh Nazir Gilani Thread Re: Clarification. Aslam Mirza encouraged me to reply for his false statement. I thought he was a grown up adult, but the may he has manipulate our conversation. I can just simply say that none of the words in this statement are mine and is completely false. Four people came to my house along with Aslam Mirza to their condolences, and as usual we were taking about more interesting subject Freedom of Kashmir. First of all it is inappropriate to air people personal conversation on Public forms. The discussion was about a possibility of utilising Dr. Shabir Ch. time better, as he is of ill Health and busy on many fronts. The aim was to relieve Dr. Shabir Ch from some of his responsibilities from KNP, so he can delegate his time more appropriately and efficiently on his research, writing and other crucial responsibilities. Aslam Mirza had created his own fairly tale from the discussion. If you are so much interested in making statements on Quran, then you should ask your relative Masuam Ansari to do the same and confess that he did not resigned from KNP and what sort of conversation he had with the Chairman of KNP on the 28th March about the chairman of your JKLF. Dr. Shabir Ch. is a most valuable member of KNP and his services will be utilised where he can make more contribution.

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